Saturday, April 30, 2016

things i should already know

I put things on tumblr for him - things i want to communicate, to show him, things i find intriguing or things i might like or he might like.  Turns out tho that he doesn’t love dick pics the same way i do.
When he grabs me painfully out of the blue, while he is still twisting my nipple is not the right time to say, “I thought you weren’t touching me these days.”  In fact the right answers  in any case are more along the lines of, “Thank you Sir.” or “What else can I do for you Sir?” or apparently  “Ooh la la.”
It’s still better to ask for what i think i need or tell him what i’m struggling with than to keep slogging through because i hate not being able to give him what he wants - still sucks to feel like I’ve failed - but still better than not communicating.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016