Friday, February 26, 2016

What does that make me?

Sex that always involves some level of power exchange and pain, most often some sort of restraint, and often wicked toys makes me (makes us) kinky.

Routine beatings with canes and crops and hands and other hitty, hurty things makes us what - fetishists?  Sadist and masochist?   People with mutually satisfying paraphilias?

That he stops me mid-morning routine on a busy work day, when my mind is already out the door and at work, and he tells me he wants 30 minutes and I need to alter my plan and get my head in a different space; and i do, like it or not, with some effort but no argument; that makes me submissive? slave?

That he knows exactly when i need this, that he recognizes how hard it is to give my full effort on so many different fronts and to switch gears like that, and that he knows exactly how much i can really give where - even when i don't.... that makes me His.