Friday, May 6, 2016

good intentions

So - he’s had an absolute shit week - was supposed to get home days ago and his trip keeps getting extended - and not for fun or nice reasons.  Hence the excerpts …….
Me: Does it help or make it worse for you to know that i am horny as hell and been having thoughts of the other night - or maybe tonight - worshiping you until you release, relax, breathe and fall into a deep sleep
Him: i think i probably will take some of my frustrations out on you this weekend … i need to control something … and i’m not able to control work right now
i love you .. 
I’ve been - well - besides horny beyond the point of distraction - i cannot concentrate at all, my pussy keeps twitching involuntarily - what was i saying —oh yea, i’ve also been feeling very submissive (any chance that’s related to the horniness?), very desirous of being in that space deeply, and very much wanting to be able to turn myself over to making his life easier - 
So the trick will be to keep that mindset through him actually being here in person.  Sometimes - sometimes that gets lost in translation; from what i want in my heart to what happens in the unpredictable, share him with the kids and work and fatigue, messiness of reality.  I have beautiful intentions - but there’s that whole road to hell thing.  So when he sends this  - from the actual airport - meaning he is actually on his way home, and if the stars align we might have 24 hours to ourselves - how is it that my overwhelming urge is to be a total smartass?   

I want you to pack bag of toys for us. 
Only request are the candles 

Otherwise I look forward to being creative with what I find

Good thing it's text and i have a filter between my brain and his ears.

yes sir


  1. Here's to filters, aligned stars, and many candles!

    1. Hmmm - the candles never did get used - but i'm a much happier and calmer me now. Thanks sweetie.

  2. What would we day dream about if our lives were nothing but fantasy?