Monday, November 9, 2009

clothespins and rope and ...

Ok - so not what you were maybe thinking. But it was a warm, sunny, beautiful weekend here, so rare for November. I was able to dry the laundry outside one last time this year, and the best part will be putting these sheets on the bed in a few weeks, on a rainy, dreary day, and being surrounded with the smell of outside and sunshine.


  1. Not to mention finding an indoor use for the clothespins and rope and ...

    Much better then letting them lay fallow in the shed all winter.

  2. grins- I hung out three loads... and just as I put the last pin on the line, the damn LINE broke! LOL - had to rewash everything! I LOVE the smell of clothes hung outside.

  3. we shared your beautiful weather this weekend and it was very nice.

    No laundry on the line but I did get my christmas lights up.

  4. Yes, you were a tease with that post but it was well done.


  5. I used to love it when I lived in a house with outdoor dryer. LMAO.

    Even then I was always stealing the clothespins.


  6. And here I am wishing I had a dryer to use. LOL