Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have always had a thing for having his fingers in my mouth, just one or better - two: flicking the tips of them or tracing their length with my tongue, moving them around in my mouth, sucking them both together, then running my tongue between them to separate them, a little gentle pressure with them between my teeth. It's actually how I first let him know I was interested long, long ago. We had spent days flirting and dancing around really admitting any interest, but when he pointed his finger at me, inches from face, I couldn't resist, I had to take it in my mouth.

This time was no different, we were sitting on the couch with a child between us, he had his arm up, behind the child, and his hand resting on my shoulder, just beside my face. I really can't have his fingers so close to my mouth and not. But this time I got carried away, the gentle pressure between my teeth felt too good, felt even better as more, and more, until I had bitten him quite hard. He pulled his hand away and glared. I didn't know what to expect, but I know I don't like his glare.

Later, after the child was in bed, we were again on the sofa, and he pulled me close. He began tracing his finger along my neck, along my jaw, along my cheek, so, so lightly. I turned towards the tracing, but his hand would withdraw, only to return once I relaxed back. Again, his fingers would trace my cheek, then just under my lip, barely brushing my lip, but immediately withdraw if I turned my head or reached with my mouth. I told him I got it, understood the message, but he wasn't interested in me speaking. He just kept on, and certainly got his point across.


  1. That must have been torture...


  2. tell me again how you are worried he is not gettting into this...

  3. Spirited,
    It was certainly quite effective.

    Yea - easy for you to say since it wasn't you.

    Sir J,
    It would seem you were right, and I was not.

  4. good written. emotions can be felt here.

    Thanks! i read it with pleasure!

  5. Sounds like torture,,,sweet torture to be sure, but torture nonetheless,,,,and elegant foreplay :)