Thursday, June 23, 2011

i wonder what it means

It's been a long week - and yes - it's only Thursday. 

Lots of extra teenagers at my house this past week, and lots of extra work at work. 

But now my teenagers have gone off with the extra ones and we are on our way - on vacation - just my husband and me - a huge treat.

Packing last night, he told me to pick one toy to bring with me.

Hmmmm - i hate packing, i hate trying to decide what i might be in the mood to wear, much less play with, several days from now - besides, it's never my choice anyhow - the toys that is. 

And my brain was tooooo tired to think or imagine or even want.

And as i stared into the box, my eyes just kept coming back to the collar......


  1. Have a wonderful vacation! Sara

  2. I hate packing too... for the same reason you mentioned. I hope you have a great time away!

  3. it means you should choose the collar

  4. And I hate packing for the same reasons, and am always glad when I'm driving so I can pack a lot!


  5. Have a wonderful vacation and I hope you get to wear you collar lots and lots.