Saturday, July 27, 2013


We visited friends at their home on a lake - they worked and saved and sacrificed to buy this home because it's part of their plan for their 'what comes next, after kids'  and their  'when the kids have kids' parts of life.

It got us talking about what comes next - when the kids go off to college, when we retire, when we might start thinking about moving on to where and how we want to live when it's just for us.  It's day dreaming, and we don't get to do it often.  It's not discontent or coveting or wishing our lives away; for us, it's sharing our dreams, communicating deeply about Us.

That reverie about the future led to us to talk about how we see Us in the future.  I admitted that i have never imagined we would still be this way when we get old.  I don't think about it really - but i have always assumed that ttwd will run its course and fade away.  I don't ever and can't really imagine when or how that happens, i have just never imagined that it lasts forever for us.  He was surprised, and he surprised me when he told me he intends it to be part of us as long as we are us.  That was bit thrilling and a lot comforting and- something - i'm not quite sure what?

When i was in my 20's, mid-40's seemed ancient, worn out, too old for fun, too old for sex, too old for anything but work - maybe my view wasn't quite that bleak - but i'm sure i didn't see it the way the reality is.  Likewise, my view now of retirement, of 60's and 70's and on -  is, I'm sure, skewed and inaccurate.  So i don't know how i see our dynamic, how i see us then.

I asked my husband a shorter term question - i asked him if or how he sees our relationship changing once the kids leave for college....He said he didn't know what the big picture would be - but that it would involve a lot more nakedness and a lot more spanking.

Maybe they will decide to just stay home instead of college.....


  1. Lol @ maybe they will just stay home.

    I must admit that I have mixed emotions about the kids being out of the house--I have been informed that ttwd will be ramped up to everything it can't be with kids in the house every day...

    1. lil,
      we've had one or the other gone over the summer - i do miss them when they are gone. Then after a few hours of them being back i think maybe gone is ok after all. Big changes from every angle.... But yea - i do get a little concerned about ramping up. Me and my body are getting older - not younger.

  2. From someone who is there....having kids out of the house is a very good thing..for a lot of reasons!! I am more suxually active during the second half of my life than I ever thought possible before.
    hugs abby

    1. abby,
      thanks. I know my view is limited - i can't really imagine what things will be like, what i will be like down the road. It is encouraging to hear from people who are living it and loving it.

  3. some might just say similar but more intense for instance

  4. :) a lovely introspective post. I'm in my mid-50's. Master is 10 years older. I guarantee the "urge" does seem to hang in there--the one about being a Dom or a sub? I think it is hardwired in THEM...and i'm pretty sure it is like the loose tiger in would be pretty danged hard to put it back in the cage, once out.



  5. oh, and yes. I'd never have imagined in my wildest dreamings that I'd be a sexually "charged" as I am at this point in my life. :)


  6. nilla,
    I have at least learned enough to recognize that what i think may not actually be the way the world is - I guess that's progress. I expect that things will change, but i don't imagine sex will be going away - and that's a good thing. 5 years ago - i never could have imagined now.