Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finally - some answers

I have been going flat out for what feels like months now - and i'm not sure there is really an end in sight.  

I've been working on answering the questions from MC Kitten and Ava Grace bit by bit and am finally finished.  Thank you both for the kind nomination and i'm sorry it was so long in coming.  Given how out of time i am, i'm going to forgo making any nominations of my  own.  

MC Kitten - and my 11 questions are - 

1. What's your favourite colour?  It is actually green - i didn't wander too far for my screen name.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world for a week's holiday, where and why?  We love to travel and we've been lucky to have had opportunities to go to unexpected places and see and do some incredible things.  But there never seems to be enough time....  So, if I had a whole week that was 'extra' and i could completely choose - i would love to go visit friends i've left in various places we've moved away from.  

3. What's your favourite book? (If you can pick just one!)
Oh i really can't.  I'm re-reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy right now - but it was handy and so i picked it up.  I will read anything - almost - except history/biography or historical fiction (unless there are witches, vampires, etc involved).  

4. What's your favourite band? (Again, if you can pick just one!)
So many moods for so much and so many kinds of music....

5. What kink do you love, even though it really surprises you that you love it?
Him pissing on me - I wouldn't say i like it - but it has a profound impact on me and is good for putting me, putting us straight again.

6. If you were an animal, what would you be?
I don't usually look at things this way,  'what if i could be something else' - but the past few weeks i've watched a Robin raise her (his?) brood - there are many, many days that i would love to have the time/ability/luxury to have that kind of singleness of purpose in raising my kids.  I know - not very slavey - not putting Him first - but that's the heartstring that is being pulled these days.

7. Which sex related toy could just not be without?
These days the cane is keeping us connected and me half way sane - so - grudgingly - i say the cane.

8. Which sex related toy would you be quite happy if it fell off the face of the earth?
There are a few i struggle with - the canes, the big plug, and a certain heavy wood paddle - but if i'm totally honest - they are good for me in spite of my loathing.

9. What's the last thing you do at night?
Ask permission to get in bed.  There may or may not be other talk or activities after that - but that is a constant - when he's home.  

10. What's your favourite month of the year, and why?
This year it was May - it was a looooong, cooooold winter and usually April is the perfect Spring month here, but it all got pushed back this year.  Gardening is my unwinding, escape, re-charging, and meditation - and it all begins again then.

11. What's your favourite snack, healthy or otherwise?!
    Chocolate - there are any other possible answers to that question?

Ava Grace - And my questions for the Nominees:
1. Do you like to read?  
Yes would be an understatement.  I have no will power though with books - I end up neglecting everything and everyone around me, to a really unacceptable level.  Books make me do things i never do (late for work, not really attending to meals, or kids, or my husband, completely checking out mentally.)

2. What authors do you read?   
I have found that i love being re-introduced to the books i loved through my kids - from the classics i read to them when they were young (I read several Narnia books to them on one very long car trip) to their insatiable appetite for Sci Fi and fantasy now (Asimov, Tolkein, Lewis, Jordan.....).  But honestly - Dickens is the only author i've run across that i just can't read.  

3. What word/s by your Master/Daddy/Sir/Dominant brings flutters to your heart?
You are mine.

4. Favourite colour?  Greengirl fit - for a number of reasons 

5. Favourite television show/movie/book?
Princess Bride - but - like everything else - i'm either very open and well-rounded, or completely undiscriminating and without taste - depending on your take on it.  

6. Make-up or no make-up?
No make-up.  In so many ways i am not very good at being a girl.  This is one of them.
7.  Favourite piece of lingerie?
And this is another way i am no good at being a girl - and he doesn't care much about lingerie either so i never formed the habit.

8. Do you enjoy travelling?
Oh yes - we've been very lucky in the opportunities we've had to travel.  We will choose an adventure over a sit still vacation every single time.

9. Do you enjoy the sweet delight of women or men alone?  
This is an odd one for me to answer - i've had hopeless crushes on women, but i never could figure out what to do about it.  My husband is completely adamant about monogamy and views men and women as equally off limits - so i never did and won't explore that realm.  

10. What did you want to be when you were a child?
A doctor, the crazy scientist living in the crazy house at the end of the street, both......

11. Dreams for the future?
As hokey as it sounds, i don't plan or dream ahead in that way.  I very much make the choices that are put before me, explore the paths i see and live in the now.  


  1. re: Not being good at the girl thing.

    This made me laugh! I often wonder if I am the only sub/wife who is a horrible home-maker. I am horrible at cleaning! I am actually using this time to procrastinate against finishing the kitchen.....so, your fun post HAS to make this procrastination time of mine partly your fault, right?!? =)

    XOXO Pearl

    1. OOh - i am sooo good at procrastinating, i probably have enough of it to spare - so i suppose you could say it was me - not you :)

  2. Oh g.g., we have so much in common...
    I'm growing my hair out for the first time in decades, right when all my friends of an age are cutting theirs.I'm a recovering readaholic, I'm excellent at spacial/mechanical stuff, and, this one is the one that made me laugh out loud, the short part. My sons are always glad to remind me as well. Scooter just surpassed me in January, and will sidle up to me almost every day and look down his nose at me, smirking.

    1. readaholic - that's it exactly - i'm very dysfunctional on books - but much happier..... and yea - look down their noses - use my head to prop their elbows on and lean, it's all so cute.

  3. Oh, thank you so much for answering these g.g., I found your answers really interesting! I'm also a bookaholic and particularly love kid's classics. I think long grey hair on an older woman looks lovely, so I say you have it long as long as you (and He!) wants!

    My second eldest is forever measuring himself against me, seeing if he's taller than me or not. It won't be long, I'm only 5ft3!

    1. They are slowly getting the idea that height doesn't equal power - at least not in the mom-son relationship. And thank you for the questions.

  4. Even tho' I knew some of this already, I really enjoyed reading your answers. :-D
    (Witches! Vampires! Book of Life due out in time for 'happy birthday to me!!')

    So, do you just not like swimming in salt water, or is it the hot, sticky crowded and oh-so-sandy part that you don't like about oceans and beaches?

    And even tall women get crowed over by the younger male relatives...
    it just takes 'em a little longer to get to that point. ;-)

    1. Thanks! I don't mind the saltiness, i don't like not seeing, and maybe the utter vastness of it, and of course jellyfish. The beach - a one day visit is great - but then i get bored - do don't do sit and relax well, but maybe if i had a book........ and yea - the crowds, i hadn't even pictured crowds

  5. Books - it's interesting how we all seem to share that isn't it?

    And the thing with boys, it's funny for us, or disconcerting or weird for us maybe is a better word. And it must be lovely for them I think. As they do think it's power, at least at first, til we make it clear to them that it isn't.


    1. It is interesting that reading is such a thing - or maybe since we are all driven to write, maybe it shouldn't be so surprising. And yea - they do require the occasional reminder about how the power thing really works, if they only knew the depth of what lies behind that power and why we use it when we do....

  6. Greengril,

    Great answers! I'm sorry the cold has kept you away from the garden.

    If there is an age that it becomes socially unacceptable to have long hair--I so plan on ignoring it. And having a week to just travel for travel sake's and be able to enjoy the company of friends--oh I dream about that!

    1. But i'm out in the earth now - which is so good. I think i will end up with long hair my whole life - at this point i can'r really imagine anything else. I really do miss people - i know life moves forward - but there are people i miss.

  7. I enjoyed reading your answers to these questions! I also am not very good at being a girl and hate to admit feeling quite inferior to women who can pull all the bits and pieces of femininity together.

    1. that's it exactly - 'they' all do it so easily - what's wrong with me? thanks for popping in.