Saturday, May 8, 2010

two words

There are two words that I had found off-putting. Actually, they both made me fearful and defensive and a bit indignant. Of course it is the meanings of a word, the connotations and implications of the concept a word represents, that are important to us, not the word itself; that is very true in this case. Over time, I have become less indignant and defensive about each of these words (ideas), although still somewhat fearful. I wouldn't say I understand them any better now, they are not simple ideas for me. I still find them off putting and fear provoking, but also intriguing, hopeful, attractive. I think I have come to want what I think they offer.



  1. I'm still grappling with "containment" but I'm right there with ya on "control"...

  2. I think the issues of containment and control, and the fear and anticipation of what it really means, how it will impact you, and what are you really giving up is a very common concern in the beginning. And then again as more layers of the onion are peeled back.
    Just be with it, feel it, don't fight it.

  3. I'm the same... on the one hand the thought terrifies me and I've been talking with Asha about it a lot recently, but on the other hand I find that I crave it and am totally intrigued by it. It's kinda driving me nuts having two different... completely opposite emotions about one concept.

    I've had some interesting conversations with Asha though... so I'll probably post about them soon.



  4. Jz,
    Oh I'm still grappling with both ideas, to say nothing of realities. It's just one more case of learning that my first impressions can be mis-leading.

    Thank you, I do have moments of panic or other even less attractive emotions. I will try to keep this in mind.

    yup - that pretty much sums it up for me too (except the Asha part)