Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A taste of power

I wonder about a lot of things - hence the title of the blog.

I wonder sometimes what it feels like to be on the other side, not because I want to be there, I've been there- or at least, not here, and this way is better. But what must it feel like to be the one planning, deciding, setting the pace, giving or denying, teasing or fulfillling, trusting the other person only to go along (and enjoy)?

I know so intimately how it makes me feel to be, figuratively at least, on the bottom. I know what it does for me to be done to, to not decide or plan, just to comply, to know only that he will do what he will to me. I know the feeling of listening with my entire body for sensations that will come, but I know not what or where or how. I know the waiting and anticipating. I know the focusing on a sensation being created in one very central point, but I can't guide it or alter it or even encourage it, only experience it. And I know the trusting that it may hurt, but it wont harm me.

There are a few moments where I do get a taste (bad pun) of being on the other side. He gives that power over to me, quite gladly; and I, uncharacteristically, quite enjoy it. It may be terribly, terribly un-domly of him, but I'm sure he doesn't care. He guides, makes (not so subtle) suggestions, directs from above. But he still has to anticipate, receive, experience, and most importantly, trust that what I do will be pleasurable, and WON'T HURT HIM. [He's fairly adamant about that last bit.]

For my part, I love hearing his responses. I love the twitches and jumps as I first run my tounge around him. I love the catch in his breath as I find just the right spot. I love the way he stops exhaling altogether, only breathes in deeper and deeper as I oh so delicately pull his balls into my mouth. I love his moans as I find that spot just below. I love the stillness of his body as I bring him all into my mouth. And I especially love the sudden urgency as he decides he is finished letting me set the pace and he grabs and shoves and holds me right there.


  1. GG,
    The taste of the "power of being on top" is something that my husband has been adamant about from the beginning. It must be there. He is happy to give me the control as well, and even likes me to take the initiative. It works for us.
    Sounds like it works well for you two. Give and take, then take and give, right?
    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to know we aren't the only ones.

  2. Being on the Dom side, I have no issue with this. I even have done this and find it enjoyable. From my side at least, I however view it as me still being in control. Especially the way you describe it. I'm just sitting back and letting you please me in the way you would like to do. you are free to go your own route. But I'm still over the situation. Just my opinion and view.


  3. "he is finished letting me..."
    As DV says, that's not giving up control, per se. It's enjoying us enjoying - as long as he feels like it. ;-)

    Kind of makes sense, tho'. If we're going to be in a power exchange, doesn't it serve everyone's purpose to let us experience power on occasion, in order to better understand what we're giving up when it's surrendered?

  4. Elysia,
    He does keep this particualr item on the menu, I think he does liek it, but he decides when to order it or not. To be honest - I'll have to ask him about the taking initiative thing - I think he finds my hinting around annoying. Maybe i could find a better way. Thanks.

    I do understand that he lets me run with it; certainly he doesn't actually give up the control. I think what I was really getting at (and explained rather poorly) was the trust thing. I think it is important for me to know that he trusts me in this context, since flow of trust in this context is usually in the other direction.

    You got it exactly - even though i said it so poorly. Thanks.

  5. i have answered part of this question before:

    W I I F M

  6. David,
    Thank you for sharing this. It's a beautiful description.

  7. I agree with Jz, he's not really giving up control... nor is he giving it to you. He's just allowing you free reign for a time... just so he can lay back and enjoy. Asha does this... he loves to watch me pleasure him, but when he's ready to move on it comes to a very abrupt end... same as you described.



  8. Turiya,
    Yup, that is exactly it. Thanks.