Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have you ever.....

found yourselves sitting on the sofa with him, waiting... waiting....
for a very awake child to fall asleep (teenagers should not stay up so late)
watching hockey even though only one of you has even a passing interest in the game
waiting and listening for movement from the child's room,
for all the sounds of not sleeping to cease

because he's been gone for a long time, and you were before that,
and now it's been a very long time
and he has been texting his thoughts and his plans and even his dreams,
in which you figure prominantly
or at least your body does

and you've sent pictures, as requested
and playing with yourself,
even with the toys
barely takes the edge off
the desire grows when you are unaddressed, unattended to

but so do the not so nice feelings:
not sleeping makes you tired,
missing him makes you lonley and resentful,
being without his influence makes you antsy, bratty
lacking his control lets you grow off-balance
and you start to doubt

and over the time apart, the need grows
you can feel it in your skin,
and in your psyche

and now he is so close, right next to you
teasing you even
pinching, tweaking, mmmm...kissing
making promises about setting you straight again
as soon as the child falls asleep


  1. Yup...and then I'd fall asleep waiting. LOL!

  2. GG,

    I understand far too well.

    Life is full of moments such as these. Such as myself waiting for a "chick flick" to end so I can play with mouse, only to find myself too tired to care. I want mouse to cry because of something I have done (specifically to her), not because the main character finally died of some unknown malady.


  3. gg - I FEEL your pain LOL - my lord how many times have I been there! This made me LOL! It's pathetic that more and more my kids are up WAY beyond when D. and I are which cramps things incredibly! That's where weekends away come in!

  4. GG,
    Been there. Am there. At least the "he's away part". I said to Henry just last Friday, let's build a new wing on the house, sound proof walls, vaulted entrance, NO KIDS ALLOWED signs posted every where, it would be our sanctuary.
    I think we'd be better parents for it!

  5. *mouse nods in that knowing way*


  6. Greenwoman,
    Welcome. There are times when even sleep isn't an option.

    D's s,
    I guess lots of parents do.

    I'm a little unusual - I would in fact rather watch hockey than a chick flick, although I don't like it enough to cry about it.

    We are still up a bit later than they are - but i know that will change soon. And they aren't quite big enough to leave home alone yet - oh well.

    I think if we put that sign - they would be instantly interested - we would need to put, "sewing room," or "laundry room."

    yup - yup - i wish i weren't so familiar with the feeling though.

    I'm no poet - not much of a writer - I just put in funny spacing and punctuation sometimes. You on the other hand write nice poetry.

    Sir J,
    Except for the "not so interested in hockey" part - right?

  7. *shakes her head vigorously in complete sympathy* I get that a lot... and with a 4 year old OMG... she's got this sixth sense that tells her when I want her to go to sleep early or something cause it's always on those days she refuses to sleep!



  8. turiya,
    welcome back, kids do seem to have a knack for that - and I'm afraid I don''t think they outgrow it.