Saturday, February 1, 2014

clothespins and other randomness

I've run across giant clothespins as sculptures before, and even more pictures of giant clothespins as art. They've always been freestanding - no context at all.  They made me wonder what the artist really had in mind - but i pretty much assumed it was about the form not the function.  I imagined people could add either sheets and a clothesline or tender flesh to the image in their minds. This one however is downright evocative, not so much room to wonder.  

The day i posted my last post, i'm not sure if before or after my husband had read it, after the kids had left for school but just before i needed to leave for work, he called me into the bedroom and told me i needed to catch up on the days canings missed. Um - it was the end of the month and a lot of days missed. I had just been writing about wanting to be able to pull myself together all on my own without his intervention; this seemed like a really good time to exercise that new skill set.  No go - so face down i went.

The canings on the dates just hurt, and maybe arouse, but have never led to subspace.  They are meant as maintenance, reminders, re-orientations - call it what you will, but they are meant to hurt all through.   This time I fell very, very quickly.  It was the loveliest, deepest relaxation with the loveliest sensations to my backside.   I assumed he was being more gentle than usual, it's his call, who am i to complain, but the raised, hard, burning continuous welt of my entire backside convinced me he hadn't.  I guess i had needed that.

I'm off to Las Vegas next week.  It's for work and it will be very long days of work.  But - I will sneak in a little sunshine and a little warmth.  I've never been to Vegas.  Here in the heart of the heartland, of course, Vegas has an image, a mystique and a reputation, one which their tourism board has worked hard to establish no doubt.  My husband has talked about escaping there for a weekend, not to gamble, but to explore maybe being a bit more open and public and adventurous - you know....  Where we live - is a very small town - as new as we are - everyone knows everyone.  I actively avoid thinking about how i feel about open or public or adventurous at all.   I'm focusing on warm - no boots, and no layers of wool.


  1. That picture made me wince and want to say ouch. Love it when all the stars align in my favor, and that anticipated pain is.....not pain at all, but just perfect, just what is needed. Enjoy Vegas...i could use some warmth and sunshine. The 'adventures' sound intriguing.
    hugs abby

    1. abby,
      It is nice when it all falls into place - this way - or even less lovely things - when they are needed. This conference (in Vegas) is always a good one - so that with a little sunshine should be very good for me. Thanks!

  2. Greengirl,

    I think sometimes, what I like most about this TTWD, is never knowing what to expect. How one thing can be done over and over again but depending on the circumstances, I can feel differently about it--like an unexpected trip to subspsace *grins*.
    Enjoy your trip!
    Warmth and sun sound so amazing right now and I hope you get to have an adventure or two.

  3. Ouch! I once a clothes pin sort of twist and get out of alignment, and it wasn't on a clothes line or a bag of chips at the time. For some reason I look at that sculpture and picture it that way.

    Enjoy your sunshine and perhaps contemplations of a future visit with your Husband may keep you toasty warm as well.