Sunday, October 19, 2014

disappearing act

Specifically me - so in this case - not really an act...

I'm just not around much, and not likely to be a great deal in the near future - life, cycles, the natural order of things, distractions elsewhere - nothing big, nothing bad, just life.

Disappearing act of a different kind though.....

Let's just say that the very pretty, heavy steel plug that he likes me to wear just around - isn't designed to be used while being vigorously fucked.  I was pretty far gone, i remember it going in at some point - then what felt like hours of being thoroughly used - then some quiet time after, basking - then i was cleaning up.  Except no plug to be found - anywhere, not in the bed, or on the floor, or under the bed, only one possibility left - yup - that pretty glass top/flange is purely decorative, not at all functional.


  1. ooooo...
    ooooo, I am wincing!

  2. EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK. That is OMG…bad!

  3. Take care of the things you need to take care of - coming and going around here (so to speak) is totally allowed. :)

  4. Exactly the same happened to me re the steel plugs with crystal/glass ends. Vanished . . . 1 hr later, with some omg I am NOT going to A&E, get it out NOW. . it was retrieved, thank God. Now I have chain attached to it. Never again, I feel your pain!

  5. Oh HOLY goodness! Now you are talking one of my biggest fears! Hopefully everything is back where it belongs =)

  6. YIKES! hopefully it's put in an appearance now?!

  7. Thank you everyone - it all did come out just fine in the end! And i've been assured that plug will from now on be for thinking of him - not for being with him.