Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I would say needy - but i could and likely will be denied - and will survive - but will want all the more...

I'm allowed to touch, just not allowed to come..... my fingers swirl around my nipples, brushing across the tops, over my sweatshirt, blunting the sensation but making me reach for it at the same time, then my t-shirt - more sensation, more yearning, then skin - i catch my breath and my pussy clenches uselessly..... i can pinch and twist a bit, but i can't recreate the feeling i really want - i want his hands, i want him to stroke, tease, just brush across the top, leaving me hoping, thrusting myself into his hands, encouraging him to pinch, twist, pull, to cup my breast with his whole hand, possessive but reverent, then to squeeze viciously, to maul and posses what is his.  I can feel myself surrendering to this, more so than the simple physical arousal and desire - which are overwhelming to be sure - but the desire to be possessed, the physical that is really so, so much more.


  1. Great post. I have been feeling the same thing. An ache to be possessed. Maybe it's something in the air.....

    1. Brook,
      Thank you. I hope you are getting what you need, and maybe what you want. The want part is trickier i think.