Saturday, March 7, 2015

The hardest question

The second of tori's questions was:

What has been your most favourite scene so far, or what is your most favourite activity to engage in?

This shouldn't be - but it is the damned hardest question for me.  In my defense - i don't have a favorite movie, or book, or song, etc - it all depends on my mood, the given moment, which way the wind's blowing....  I'm either spoiled (want it all, not content with just one thing) or just easy to get along with and un-demanding.  The answer to that probably depends on the given day also.

I love a long, slow trip to subspace, the crop then maybe the flogger, then maybe the cane or strap or paddle - he knows how to keep just the right rhythm and intensity to take me there so easily.  Add in perfect amounts of tease and torment with any of my holes, letting me worship him, orgasms and time to lie in each others arms afterwards..... bliss!

But sometimes it's all about the harsh realignment.  He knows how to lead me straight to subspace, and he knows exactly how to keep me out of it too.  It almost doesn't matter what he uses - but how - too hard, too fast, too slow, too long - on my breasts or pussy, on my ass but with my hips fully flexed (i am truly a huge wuss with that one), bound in a position that leaves me feeling exposed and helpless rather than secure (e.g., arms up, from a hook in the ceiling in the middle of the room).  He knows how to truly piss me off while he's at it - that and the pain i can't get a handle on takes my head to some very intense places.  It's like a long run - i dread it, would work my way out of it if i could, would gladly quit anytime in the middle of it,  but i know before, during, and after that it is exactly what i need. 

I think though, that the thing that has become the most meaningful between us is the cane. He has conditioned me to want, maybe need, the cane.  I won't say i love it, or that it's my favorite, but i know he very much likes the effect he can have with it, both on my mental state, and the marks it leaves.  He has become, shall we say, fluent in expressing himself with it, and I find it's a hard thing to ignore.    

Thank you tori, and I'm sorry it's such a cop out answer.  


  1. Not a cop out all, if i was asked the same question i couldnt choose, they simple all, or well a lot have had their special moments, so thank you for attempting lol

    "He knows how to truly piss me off while he's at it" yes!!! that feeling i know well.

    The cane, yeah thats a big one for us as well, my most favourite implement...most of the time!


    1. tori - thank you. There really are different things that are wonderful or meaningful or important at different times, even the things i don't at all enjoy have a powerful purpose.

  2. Not a not think i could choose one favorite. The cane is iffy for me....keeps me on edge..but i do love the resulting welts.....
    hugs abby

    1. abby - Thanks. IT really does depend. The cane is wicked - but he can move me any which way with it - which is a very good thing.