Friday, October 23, 2009

A few random things I really, really like

That my husband, through his example and his words, expects our children to respect their mother. So many of the boys their age (I don't have direct experience with girls, so I can't speak about them) blatently and publicly disrespect, disregard, and disobey their mothers. Their fathers turn the other way, tacitly allow it, or worse yet, chime in and play along with them. No matter how brilliant one's parenting skills, it is a huge, uphill battle to overcome such an attractive and powerful message. Boys seem to feel that size determines authority, not experience, position or relationship, and since mine are now as tall as I am, they joke that the balance of power should shift in their favor. I'm very glad that it's just a joke for them.

Fall weather, even the cold, foggy, rainy turning to sleet days. They make the crisp, clear, brilliantly sunny days penetrate my mood that much more.

When my husband moves my body, no asking or explaining, especially if i'm prone and he drags me back towards him and hauls my ass into the air where and how he wants it.

Just a few random things... How 'bout anyone else?


  1. I cannot recall if your husband reads this blog or not, I believe he does, as I recall this is a place where you can articulate some feelings that are difficult to verbalize.

    At any rate, if he does or does not, please pass on my thanks to him for the way in which he has/is teaching your sons respect for their mother. It is a lesson that will serve them well in life, because that respect they learn for you will influence their views on women in general as well as how they view you for the rest of their lives.

    I can think of no one in the world that deserves my respect more that the woman who carried me into this world, and nurtured me until I was able to stand on my own. Even after that she was always there when her support was needed. I think I was a good son, but I know I was not always the most communicative, but she knew, as every mother should, the wonder of what they do.

  2. David,
    He does read here and has seen this post and will see your comment.

    Thank you so much. I believe very deeply that respect is so important in so many contexts, not just because it is damn hard to be an effective parent without it. Teaching a child that disrespect is acceptable or even humorous impacts the way that child interacts with so many other people, even into adulthood. What you have said here is a testament to both you and your mother.

  3. You have touched on a critical issue for Doms everywhere. I am slowly becoming the Dom in our relationship out of my extreme adoration, love and repect for my wife. Without respect dominance becomes abuse.

  4. I'll be the plebe who just answers the question!

    -climbing down from the ladder for the final time each season


    -the way BG hugs (and a bunch of other stuff...)

  5. Tom,
    I certainly agree with you about respect and abuse. I would argue that respect is paramount regardless of and beyond any dynamic in place. And it goes both ways.

    See - learn a little more about people - for instance - "coming down from the ladder every season" do you paint your house every year? do they not sell sturdier paint whre you live? And Christmas is just around the corner, and hopefully, a bunch of other stuff too..

  6. Basically a side a year. Except for the back, which was done over two summers. (One each side of the chimney.) I'm hoping now that the roof is redone that the paint will have more sticktoitiveness. At least until I can afford to replace the bad clapboards. For now, caulk is still cheaper than lumber...

  7. It's great that your husband has taught your sons to respect you. With those other women, it kinda makes you wonder how her sons' fathers treat their mothers at home. Men like that piss me off, honestly.

    My mind is so totally random today that I can't think enough to write anything random. LOL


  8. Spirited,
    I'm with you, it's something I don't understand. In the end, treating someone respectfully never diminishes you, so why not.
    And, yea, I was ffelign kinda random today too.

  9. Big applause to both of you for teaching your sons to be men, not overgrown boys. My grown-up daughters found a lot of "boys" out there in the dating scene. Respect is the basis for a long-standing relationship so you are doing well by your sons! Thanks from all the mothers of daughters! Meow

  10. Again...really got to get here but here it goes..

    I agree with everything everyone else said, wrote, intimated..

    Ya. I think it's great.


  11. I'll join Jz with answering the question :)

    I love being held close, I love the soft concave spot down a mans neck between his jaw and his shoulder, I love a mans forearms (I have no idea why). I love folding clothes fresh from the dryer, I love pound cake with cool whip and strawberries, I love sleeping with my kitties :), I love youtube and I love my friends.

  12. Meow,
    Thanks. I hadn't thought of it from the POV of the girls out there - I should have, since obviously, I was one. I'm still having a litle trouble thinking of them growing up that much.

    I can't check blogs from work, only home, so I know exactly what you mean. Thanks, though.

    I like your list. I think I do understand the forearms. I love mens' hands but the muscles in the hands only serve for fine control. The real power of the hands comes from the muscles in the forearms. Just a thought anyhow.