Saturday, September 10, 2011

parallel conversations

On a drive, with the whole family, through the part of town built by the industrial barons in the early part of the last century - the gorgeous old stone  mansions half hidden down the drive, beyond the pines and hardwoods....
Talking about what it might be like to live in one of those houses.....
Feeling a bit feisty and bold....

Me (dreamy, far away look in my eye):  We could build a dungeon

Husband (stern, 'be careful where you tread' look in his eye):  Oh yea ??

Boys in the back seat:  Ooh!  yea, cool! Could we?

One of the boys:  What would we put in it?

Husband:  Bad people.

Me: Implements of torture.

Boys:  ~ naming all sorts of medieval weapons ~

Husband (with a  distinct glint and sneer):  Your mom.

Boys:  Hmm... (serious consideration going on)  what could we tell the police when they come?


  1. So funny! My grown daughters are always remembering things that went over their heads when they were younger. Now they understand. So just hope your boys forget this one!

  2. It is VERY important for all family members to know what to do in case of an emergency...


  3. laughing!

    I love this, thank you for sharing, hilarious:)

  4. g.g. I have coffee in my sinuses now, thank you for the laugh!

  5. Thanks everyone. His response to the boys' question was, "We'll just tell them she asked for it."

  6. thank you for the laugh <3 very cute.

    xo m

  7. O, that's fabulous! Thanks - that totally cracked me up.


  8. you could say to the police, "hey can we borrow a pair of handcuffs?"

  9. Very funny. Brings back memories. Thanks. Patty

  10. Mina, Aisha, Sir J, Patty, - Thanks