Wednesday, October 12, 2011

things that make you wonder how your head works

My husband summoned me to bed.

As i entered the bedroom, the crop and two canes were lying prominantly out on the trunk.

 A few days ago i had missed doing one of the things i am supposed to do and there had been a demonstration of his feelings about that.  I was reassured that i am indeed supposed to do this thing.

So, at the sight of the implements i started working back to figure out what i had missed, or maybe where my attitude had been off, to make him feel like i needed this kind of attention.

But i came up with nothing.  Now - i'm certainly not perfect - but i thought the past few days had been pretty smooth.

So i asked - "Why the toys?  Haven't i been good?"

And he replied, "Oh you have been a good girl, those are my good girl toys."


  1. Mmm, good girl toys. Those are my favorite.

  2. the line between good and bad like pain and ecstasy is so fine.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your good girl toys!

  4. LOL - I love that...what a wise man he must be ~ and what a lucky good girl you are!


  5. With toys like that, I'm sure that you'll do your best to maintain good behavior! :)

  6. mamacrow,
    that was my response too, after i got over my confusion

    I think they will be mine as well.

    Sir J,
    It seems odd, but i think you are right - good and bad should be opposites, but in the distinction blurs a bit sometimes.

    I did - thank you.

    I am - that is certain. And he continues to surprise me.

    Baby Girl,
    A really odd sort of positive reinforcement, isn't it? But it absolutely works.