Saturday, October 8, 2011

uh huh, sure it is...

The nice lady at the nice furniture store where i was window shopping said it is extra seating to have around, a new concept in living room furniture, but very handy, and that it's really comfortable.  She even demonstrated, sitting perched on it very carefully.  I have to say, she didn't really look comfortable.

It looked a lot like something else entirely to me.


  1. Somebody in purchasing is laughing very hard right now...

  2. Now if only Dolce and Gabbana will include turian slave collars in their next show...

  3. I think Dolce and Gabbana must have had slave collars at some point before?

  4. The LAST thing I would be doing on that piece of furniture is sitting! Ha! :)

  5. Wow. i think it would go much better in the boudoir, don't you guys? Kind of an end-of-the-bed piece....

  6. That's pretty amazing. So now I'm wondering, did you buy it? And is there a brand name? Maybe I can order one! Something I've noticed is that there's a dearth of quality, attractive "furniture" like this available...

  7. I wanna know how much it cost....:)

  8. Sometimes you just have to wonder if they know anything about what they're selling..

  9. OMG, sitting in a coffee shop trying not to laugh out loud!

    That's fabulous. I want one.


  10. Okay, I have to give it to the nice lady in the furniture store--I could have never hopped up on that thing and told someone how comfortable it was with a straight face.
    That takes something special in a salesperson lol.

  11. Jz,
    You know - i hadn't thought of the possibility of a practical joke perpetrated by purchasing. Honestly - i have no idea what the salesperson thought of the thing.

    yea - i was torn between laughing and confusion - i still wonder if the store has any idea - or the joke's on them too.

    monkey and sin,
    I think they probably have included fetish in their lines before - i always wonder (well - now that i recognize it anyhow) if it's just farce or real for someone in design.

    Baby Girl,
    Exactly - and i do wonder if her awkwardness doing it was just because the bench was so narrow or for another reason.

    Oh absolutely! We have such a thing in our bedroom - only we made ours with painted 2x4's and sawhorses with craft store padding - we cover it with a quilt. I'm quite sure no one has a clue - and i will keep telling myself that.

    I did not buy it - it was very nicely made and good looking, but very expensive. My husband had me help him build ours- it isn't "fine furniture" like this - but somehow has a bigger impact this way.

    Like i said, this was a window shopping kind of store, i think it was more than 400$.

    I do wonder if she had a clue or just thought it was a ridiculous piece of furniture.

    It was very nice, nicely carved wood, fine leather... I would have to explain it to the boys though - not sure what i would be able to come up with.

    She did kinda do a prim and proper, side-saddle, kinda thing. I still wonder if she had any idea...