Wednesday, April 10, 2013

if i step outside

If i step outside of myself and look in - i'm amazed - i guess that's the best word

He called from pretty-far-away and we chatted - work, the kids, things to decide, the weather (warm for the first time in months), life.

Then he asked me if i had  walked yet today.

No - but i have a ton to do.... I really want to keep working

Walk anyhow, now, while it's still nice.

And you know - I did, and it was good for me, it was the right thing for me to do

That i listened to him in that instance is not the amazing part - maybe that i'm committing to paper that he was right is amazing -

But, if i step outside of myself and look in - knowing me and the person i am - it is generally amazing that i do what he tells me, that i still often have an argument in my head, but i do it.  And - you know - that he's most often right.....

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