Sunday, September 15, 2013


for all the usual things of course

but right now, especially -

for yesterday and making time

for yesterday and leading me through it, making it right for me but not catered to me

for wanting it for me - for knowing what i need, and when, and how
   for working with that instead of resenting it or turning away

and for wanting it for yourself - for getting hard at the mention of the cane, or the sound of my whimper
   for reveling in learning how to play my body and my psyche
   for giving me the freedom to be me and to know it pleases you

for steadfastness in doing things your way
   because my way would change with the wind and the moon and the price of tea
   because knowing we will go your way gives me the deep and foundational trust for all the rest
   because i couldn't imagine, explore, contemplate, or fantasize without that trust
   because no matter how much my mind wanders or flits about, i am deeply devoted to you in this and  in all        things

for making it your way to listen and consider and work when it's hard to change your instinctive response
   because it's your way and that makes it not in-congruent
   because our family needs us both
   because teenagers are just that hard

for using your power for good


  1. wow
    I think I want to thank him, too!

    1. I should be mindful of this more - he does deserve my gratitude.

  2. Ah yes, the price of tea--it gets me every time.

    This is really awesome. Just reading it made me feel good.

    1. lil- it's funny - because i never did consider myself flighty or anything but fairly even keel - but i'm finding that's not entirely true. thanks.

  3. Put a smile on this face. Just lovely.

  4. I feel a bit of a voyeur...well more than usual (for aren't we all just that, as we peer into one another's lives and bedrooms?)...

    this was quite obviously a love letter. Thanks for taking us along on the ride. I'm so glad things are good for you. (very related to the following because your way would change with the wind and the price of tea! me too!)

    Blessings as you continue to find yourself (why can't we stay this bliss-filled and happy for like...ever? instead of having to learn the next new thing and be all cross and grumpy as we figure it out? why is that?)

    for now, i hope you enjoy your bliss!


    who is also visiting blissville.

    1. nilla,
      i am so happy for you - you are so honest with your emotions - a person can feel the joy coming from your corner. i'm hoping that i can remember this ^^ when some of those cross and grumpy times roll around again. thank you.