Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kate Upton

We collapsed together last night and the only thing that seemed tolerable to watch was a fairly silly movie with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton.

As a side note - it's always interesting watching a movie about a cheating man, with my husband.....

Kate didn't make an appearance until well into the movie, but when she did - my husband had some comments - rather appreciative, pointed comments.

You should know that my husband never comments on other women's appearance, not positively or negatively, not in real life, not actresses or models or even swimsuit edition specials.  To the point that I've tried for years to figure out what his 'type' is and I've never had any idea.

But he did when Kate appeared, "blah, blah,......every guys ideal, of course I'd do her, wouldn't you? look at her curves, her tits......"

Cameron Diaz had been on the screen for an hour - no comments. So I asked, "She's  gorgeous - why no comments about her?  Since you're breaking your no comments tradition"

Turns out he doesn't think she's especially good looking.  And he told me he finds it very interesting that I do - that I find the woman attractive who is less like me physically, but i'm not especially drawn to the one who is more my body type.  Just to be clear, "more my body type" in only the most hypothetical of ways - in that I have always had curves, not in the 'I resemble her at all' way.

Guess I know now what his type is.


  1. So the question is, did you like that answer?? ;-)

    This reminds me of the time in my youth when my brother informed me that Kate Jackson was his favorite Charlie's Angel. "Well, yeah, cuz she's the smart one. The others are pretty but not too bright, and that's not attractive… "
    That was strangely formative…

    But back to your story…
    That's the kind of thing that, even though your mind is busy listing all the reasons why you are NOT like this woman he says is like you, is still far more satisfactory a realization than the alternative… :-)

    1. I suppose i did. And yes - i think i would have a great deal of trouble getting over the fact that his type was very different from what I am, so in that regard...... He also mentioned in there somewhere that her characters are never particularly intelligent.....