Friday, May 20, 2011

i wonder what it looks like in there?

We had friends over for dinner - Vanilla friends - as far as we know, that's the only kind we have.

I was going to lend her a nice scarf/shawl to go with a dress she would be wearing to an event in a few days - so after dinner i asked her, "Do you want to go up and look at my wrap now?"

The men both heard "Do you want to go up and look at my rack now?"

Both were clearly confused, but neither of them questioned us until we came back down.  Then i think they both really just had to know, because they both asked....

My husband had it in his mind we were lifting our shirts and showing each other....well, you know...

And her husband thought we might have a medieval torture device and some whips or floggers, an idea he dismissed with a scoff as being ludicrous and completely beyond  the realm of possible. 

Does make me wonder what it must be like inside their heads though....


  1. The key phrase here is almost a throw-away: "as far as we know."

  2. I am reliably informed it's 98% boobs. So, not that surprising, really...

    (and see, I'd figure there were a bunch of servers upstairs...)

    note to self: get out more.


  3. it is much, much, much better that you do not really know. Much like us looking in your purse.

  4. Oh, i needed a laugh...thank you!

    Now see, the purse comparison is interesting, Sir J, seeing as how Lyon seems to think that my purse will hold the entire world.

    "Could you put this in your purse?"

    Of course, He never goes *looking* in there... :)


  5. LMAO... too funny... I needed a good laugh today.



  6. oatmealgirl,
    That line was intentional. I was thinking about the irony of the fact that these friends dismissed the possibility that we had whips or floggers around just as we dismissed the possibility that they might be at all familiar with such things. Since we know we won't share our secrets, we have to assume none of our friends would either, if they had secrets to share...

    Mouse - it was, thye were both so confused, hopeful, cute about it.

    Ooh - i never thought about giant rows of hard drive - yes - perhaps a little non-work influence in your brain....

    Sir J,
    i suppose it is better, but it's fun to speculate.

    you're welcome. Sounds like a smart man, mine is the same - he will bring it over, hand it to me, and ask me to pull out whatever it is he wants.

    NP - i hope the day gets better - or your tomorrow in any case.

  7. that's hilarious!