Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's time to dig in

The weather is finally catching up to the calandar.  It's spring. 

There is warmth and abundant rain.

And all around are colors and growth and interest.

 It's time i start cultivating the gardens here in our new place. 

We've done a lot of work on the inside. 

Now the roof is fixed and the structure is sound.

I'm liking the look and the flow of the space we live in.

Now we need to look outside, to build on what we've prepared for.

There's real potential there, it just needs some work. 


  1. greengirl,

    It looks like you have some very nice foundations to work with. Love the stone border! That beautiful railing just begs to have a little flowery something trailing on it. Are those hellebores in the pots in first picture?

    Enjoy your gardening! Happy Mother's Day!


  2. *Much* more soothing than the brush-clearing I face this weekend.

    Do enjoy yourself.
    I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

  3. Lovely area to work with.

    I absolutely love gardening. One of the most relaxing and peaceful things I can do.


  4. Lovely pictures - I'm sure you'll make it even more beautiful.


  5. Serenity,
    Thank you. We had been in our previous house a verhy long time and had the gardens very much the way we wanted them. Of course there is always more work to do. Here it's all new, but sometimes starting with somethign new is good too.

    They are hellebores, we have a good deal of shade and i love the early blooms.

    Indeed, i hope you take soem time for something less strenuous and maybe even relaxing. I wonder if there is ever an after picture - seems to always be a work in progress for me.

    Poured Out,
    So do I. I love that once I start it, it grows on its own, there is always something to do, but it is always growing and maturing, not starting over.

    Thank you. I hope so.

  6. It does have a lot of potential, I am sure you will make it look amazing! Enjoy your planting and gardening.

  7. Ally,
    Thank you, it's nice to work on somethign with no deadline, and which doesn't need to be done all over again next week.