Wednesday, August 31, 2011


good girl vs little girl
It was drilled into us in college - not to use the word girl - cuz it's demeaning and condescending and disrespectful

and sometimes it really is - i've met those people and had it used on me that way - it sucks

but now i love hearing good girl, being his girl.  it's a special kind of code - has a special meaning - from him

I had a coworker who said "good girl" to me- it surprised me - i don't know him well, but it wasn't disrespect - I have no idea if this is just his way - or if it slipped out  - makes you wonder

but the other day - i was being a little - perhaps - annoying. My husband used "little girl" in a quite pointed way - not a compliment or term of endearment at all - it sent a whole different message and was it's own code word - i wasn't what he wanted at that moment.


  1. It's wonderful to have moments to be a "girl" again, versus all the other positions of responsibly. If I get bratty I am asked quite pointedly if I am ready to be "his sweet girl" again, so I get your "little girl" incident. But still that is so much better than the "B" word (sorry, can't use "bad" words) often used to describe women who are having a not nice moment.

  2. Chess uses "good girl" and "little girl" and "bad girl", there is something just heart stopping no matter what way he uses "girl", it just depends on the context whether it's a good or bad heart-stop.

  3. Sir has called me his "good girl" from the beginning. The first time he said I nearly melted. If he ever called me "bad girl" I would be crushed.

  4. Serenity,
    You are so right - i don't think he has ever used that word to me. It is interesting how personal the implications of the words are. I know how strongly he feels about "little girl" so that word has a meaning for me it wouldn't for someone else.

    I like that description - heart stopping - that's it exactly.

    Poured out,
    It sounds like you are a lucky girl!