Monday, March 29, 2010

nipple torture?

I'm all for nipple torture, but............

Behold the Flaming Tatas of India

By matthew.debord
Created 03/23/2010 - 9:09am
Shifting Gears [1]

I ran across the headline and, even though I knew of the car, my mind still went a different direction entirely.


We went to the art museum this weekend and passed by this sculpture on the way out - my husband got a huge grin on his face that needed no explanation.

Yes, another tease........


  1. I wonder if the person who did that display is into nipple torture? LOL.

    So did he put them on your nipples when you got home?

    And re your previous post, good luck on figuring out what works for you two. Hope you're making progress.


  2. I think that is a phrase that should be declaimed in the manner of Robin in the old Batman series:
    "Holy Flaming Tatas of India, Batman!!"

    (I am never, ever taking BG to that museum, btw...)

  3. Master's Muse,
    I'm glad I could then.

    I read a little about the artist - it didn't mention one way or the other about his feelings on that subject. And no, he didn't use clothespins that night, my husband seems to like his molars clamped onto my nipples - and both don't fit at the same time.

    Thanks - even I have to break out of the serious and deep sometimes.

    I can hear Adam West now..... I think you may be safe to bring BG -they rotated out the medieval weapons exhibit some time ago.

  4. LMAO... damn I needed the laugh!


  5. Green you did!!!! I had gotten up with a bad feeling and was a little off but after reading your post and answering the entire day was up up up

  6. Spirited and Master's Muse,
    I try - I'm glad you liked.

  7. LOL... oh my... I so need to get caught up around here.