Saturday, March 9, 2013


My 16 year old very boring but very reliable car is soon to be passed on to my (not so boring and perhaps not so reliable) 16 yr old son.  It's showing its age (the car).  It runs but really ought to be used more locally (read - walking distance if it absolutely came to it) rather than all the places I need to go.

So i have to pick out it's replacement....

I am a function over form kinda person - or - really, i believe form should follow function.  I don't care a whit about fancy, shiny, bedazzled, pedigree, or otherwise, when it comes to cars, although there are some i find just silly or ugly - so i guess i care a little.

I do have a list of criteria i would like the car to meet:
    4 doors
    I (at 5'1") have to be able to comfortably reach the steering wheel and pedals, and see over the dash
         - simultaneously
    somewhere over ~ 89 mpg
    a hatchback seems most practical, or a very small station wagon
    able to withstand potential crunching in an accident like a tank
    with preferably all wheel drive
    but really really good mileage
    as reliable and long-lived as my last one
    small and zippy (I drive mostly urban)
    but has to be heavy enough get up several wicked hills in the really sloppy snow we have all winter
    a hybrid (did i mention > 89 mpg),
    but a standard shift - it's just more fun that way
    cheap - as in, i really don't actually want to spend money on it
    with bluetooth, and a nice radio, and leather seats
    and, and, and...........

What do you mean i can't get all that.  I don't understand?  Impossible?  Some of those wishes are the opposite of others?  And one car can't be all those things at once?

I wonder if that ever happens with people?


  1. I love a woman with a fearless, all-encompassing imagination!

    Live Your Dream, gg!!

    1. Sadly - cars are more of a necessity than the stuff of dreams for me. Thanks though!

  2. Got to think big. Should be at least front wheel drive if you have snow on steep hills. I had one with front wheel drive and it was superior in snow.

    1. Malcolm,
      In this corner of the world, rear wheel drive cars spend the winters in a garage or under a tarp. They are summer cars. But yes - your point is well taken - front wheel drive is very good in the snow.

  3. Replies
    1. aisha,
      Thank you. I was just thinking that it is impossible for one person to be all things.

  4. Serenity left this comment - which came to my inbox, but mysteriously - didn't post here:

    My Husband is a car expert so I had him read this post to see what he recommends. He said that this car is not built yet.

    Perhaps that is also the same with people.

    But I guess it never hurts to let it be know what you want.:)

    1. Serenity,
      I know this is a dream/impossible car. Sadly - i will have to prioritize my desires and criteria and then make a choice. And yea - i think it is the same with people - i htink with people - it is important not to live in the "i wish it had this or that" like i can with a car.

  5. i will check them out - thank you.

  6. I knew we were sisters! Standard shift is more fun!

    1. it is - sadly hybrids are only automatic - choices and compromises....