Thursday, April 15, 2010


Needing is hard for me. It feels wrong, greedy. But the truth is, I do need.

I need you. I need to be touched and aroused and taken up and sent over the edge. I need to be controlled and maintained and kept humming and balanced so I don't go teetering off one edge or the other. I need to feel you.

I need to be played with and impacted and yes, hurt. I need to be bound and contained and forced, and pushed and stretched. I need to feel you over me, in all ways. I need this to keep me from careening out of control, or worse, just halting dead in my tracks.

I need to know that it's ok to need these things. I need to know you will recognize this, and handle it, and decide. I need to know that you want me to need these things.


  1. I, too, have a very hard time between being in need and being needy. I agree, needy feels wrong and greedy, selfish almost. But as a submissive, I receive my joy, happiness and pleasure through service...when his needs are met, I'm whole. When he is pleased, so am I. I'm independent and self-serving in public, but in my heart, I need him, oh how I need everything about him. (and yes, there's a "him" I just haven't officially let the cat out of the bag).

  2. SBG expressed it so well so I'll just add that I hope he realizes what you need and provides it. Good luck.


  3. I am impressed with your directness... I hope that you get every thing you need.

  4. beautifully stated!


  5. I know how you feel, but I'm learning that it's not greedy to need anything.



  6. SBG,
    I'm working on telling him what I need and letting him decide what to do about it. It's not easy. Happy news for you - I'll look for the official words.

    Thank you.

    It was a leap, but what I needed to do. Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Yea - I'm working on it - working on tellign him and trusting him to handle it.

  7. wow, beautiful. show him this?

  8. Mamacrow, thank you, ido, and this one in particular I sent to him.

  9. I don't think being needy is a problem if it's coupled with gratitude. I need much and I have been given much... and every day I am thankful for the blessing that he is in my life.

  10. Doll,
    I am working on becoming more comfortable with it.