Wednesday, December 29, 2010


He was just out of the shower and asked me a question.  It was a mundane question - completely un-erotic, uninteresting, but something i needed to think about to decide.
He stood in front of me and opened his robe, guided my head into place.  I soooo love this:  gently nudging with my tongue, drawing him in, creating contact all around then expanding my mouth so he grows into the space, feeling him grow into that space, caressing with my tongue, then opening further as he demands more.

I'm so content here, no thoughts, no questions.
Then he pulled back - huh?

He held my head right there - literally just out of reach of the tip of my tongue
"Are your eyes closed?? Open them!  No - look right there!  Now answer the question!"

Seriously?  Really?  Not a chance my brain is going to manage that.

Again that sweet feeling - soft skin, so firm, filling my mouth, into my throat, him guiding my head, a little faster, a little deeper.....

Then pulled back - right there - so close - but out of reach.

"Answer the question!!"

I struggled and fumbled, such a stupid question, should not be this difficult.  Finally I managed a semblance of a useful answer. 

And he walked away, with a smirk on his face.


  1. I'm too busy giggling to come up with a coherent comment.



  2. greengirl,

    How funny! It's like part of the brain just shuts off.

    I bet that smirk lasted all day!


  3. Jz - sure - laugh at my pain...mmhmm.

    Serenity - oh i'm sure it did last all day - he's like that. Funny - that used to bug me no end - and now i kinda like it - go figure?

  4. It's funny the things that make you crazy grow more endearing.

  5. His Girl,
    Welcome. I think you're right - so much of it is just a shift in perspective or in paradigm. Thanks.

  6. O, nice. I like this


  7. Aisha,
    Thank you - i do too - in spite of the frustration and denial (or because of?).

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how a coherent answer can be expected when your mind is melted lol.

  9. lil,
    Oh, I think it's a grand, devious plan. Clearly it is amusing - to at least one of us anyhow.