Sunday, December 19, 2010


I came to bed with clothes on - very sexy flannel pj's and an even sexier sweatshirt.

btw - it's been a hard and fast rule, since forever - no clothes in bed - there are very few exceptions, even in the 57 degree bedroom with no flannel sheets (I know - poor me - he will actutally lie on my side of the bed to warm it for me if i wait to get in - he's a nice guy)

so - i was feeling something - horny, needy, bratty, wound up, wanting attention, wanting to play - nothing serious or intense - just play.  To him - i imagine i was giggly, annoying, irritating and - well - bratty.

I thought, hoped, he might want to "punish" me for being bratty.

No Go.  Deadpan -  he warned, gave threatening looks, warned again, put his glasses back on.  Deadly serious -  he asked me if i liked that particualar sweatshirt? more than him? and began to roll over with his back to me.

So very much not the response i was hoping for.  Of course i took the clothes off.  I really, really don't want to be shut out - esp in bed. 

And of course he decided i should make myself useful to him, which i did - and which always leaves me turned on and needier - and completely unsatisfied (unless you think that being of service to him should be satisfaction in and of itself - and sure, it is, but not of the kind i was looking for exactly)

And really - i knew absolutely it would go this way - never a doubt in my mind - it would have been inconsistent with everything i know about him for him to have done anything else.

So why do i try????


  1. Sorry it didn't go as planned. So far I've fought off the urge to be bratty...but I know the day will come :-)

  2. greengirl,

    I so hate it when bratting plans backfire. There's nothing like a toasty warm back side to keep you warm and night and make you sleep like a baby.


  3. So why do i try????
    Think small child touching hot stove...

  4. At least he warms your side of the bed. In our cold house, I'm the bedwarmer. BBbbrrrr.

  5. Hi gg, I there a way ask for what you want/need, to let him know how you are feeling?


  6. Haha, I'm exactly the same way. Playfully (I think) hinting at what I want only to be sorely disappointed by my husbands response (who would have responded much the same way yours did, while I was wanting much the same of what you did, if no clothes to bed was a rule of ours).

  7. Damn! i feel that disappointment!
    poor you.


  8. Hawk,
    Welcome. I don't do this very often - and it never works the way i want it to. Sometimes i get into a strange mood though...

    It is nice, isn't it.

    Or maybe poking a bear with a stick to make sure it's really a bear?

    We struck a deal years ago - he hates flannel sheets - so he warms my side in exchange for no flannel - kind of a silly thing - but i suppose everyone has those. And, yea - bbbrrrr - i think i'll keep my deal.

    Welcome, Learning to ask has been something new, often difficult, and certainly ongoing. I think this was really a case of poking at him and at the whole structure a bit to make sure it was all still there. Of course - there are probably more direct ways to ask that question too. Thank you.

    It is confounding that they respond their way and not the way we want sometimes - of course - it's also reassuring.

    Sir J,
    I think - what I said above to Sara. An indirect way to start a conversation?

    I do wonder, every once in awhile, if I would remain so interested, involved, submissive maybe - if I were always satisfied. I think probably not. Of course - i think there's a risk to being disappointed too often also.

  9. ally - indeed - sometimes the starts just don't align.