Thursday, March 10, 2011

he could have - but he didn't

We were spending time with some of our oldest friends, sitting around in the evening, after a great and very active day, just the adults.  Our friends were joking around with each other........

Him:  woman - get over here and give me a foot rub
Her: HA!    (And some other words)
(You would have to know them - this would be so far out of character for her that a footrub at this point might be physically dangerous for him)
Him:  I said now woman. 
Him: (To us) see she does whatever I tell her to
Him:  I'm waiting....... (imagine stern look and foot tapping)

Meanwhile - my heart is in my mouth as I try to guage from the look on my husband's face how he's going to play this. 
Will he just watch the show and keep himself/us out of it? Not bloody likely - as they say - where's the fun in not making me squirm? 
Will he start beating his chest and order me to his feet in front of everyone? 
How would I pull that off with this group and in this moment?
How could I directly and publicly refuse him like she had - with disdain, but nicely?

And I'm so grateful for the way he did play it -
Him (my Him this time): Stay right there on the sofa and don't you dare  get up till I tell you! 
Me: Yes Sir!


  1. Bravo..what a wonderful, sly and knowing man is your husband...that would have made me wetter than the foot rub instruction!

  2. That made me smile.... what a good guy you have!

  3. LOL! how lovely, like a quadruaple bluff, or an extra double in joke just between you two

  4. OMG... that was great! I definitely have to agree he played that out well!



  5. O, nice - that's very sweet! Quick thinking on his part.


  6. littleOne,
    Sly isn't usually a word I would use - but in this case i was grateful for his quick thinking and his reprieve in front of our friends.

    It's true - thanks.

    thank you - it's the small things really.

    it was a surreal moment - waiting to see how he would react - knowing we were already in the middle of something between us that they had no clue they were stepping right into and setting up.

    He did - he could have pushed so easily then I would have had to figure out hwo to pull it off.

    It was and i was quite relieved.

  7. greengirl,

    He had to show you off a little, didn't he.:) Glad you didn't push the situation.