Wednesday, March 2, 2011

small, tiny humiliation

I'm going away for a long weekend.  My husband is already away.  We will be staying with lots of other people so he didn't pack any toys.  But i got an email yesterday entitled "Things to pack." 

1. small pocket sized sunscreen. I think there is some in the bathroom closet
2. condoms
3. lube, if we have some in a 3.5 oz or less size. you'll need to put that in
a ziplock for security
4. red butt plug, assuming you can bring #3
guess what i've been thinking about ....

Uhhhmmm????  I wonder????

I was not able to convince him that a clear plastic baggie wouldn't hide the lube from all the folks in line around me and that the TSA guys might get a kick out of searching my bag publicly to figure out # 4. (His response "why do you care what the TSA guys think?") I think humiliation is very much relative to the humilatee. 


  1. I'm thinking check-thru, not carry-on...

    Have fun!!!!

  2. Jz,
    That's where you put a price on pride. Is it worth the 25$ to check the bag??

  3. I imagine they see lots of things. Lots. And lots. You can pretend it's a medical device.



  4. Sorry...but LMAO.

    O was going through security once and saw a woman's bag get searched...He chuckled when the TSA dude pulled out a glass butt plug. She told him it was a fancy juicer.


    Word verification was HOLE!! bawahahahhaa

  5. You could always wear the plug during the flight...

    Pay the $25 bucks.

  6. aisha,
    i know they do - i jsut am more comfortable with them seeing other peoples' things. Waht kind of device exactly?!?

    you don't really sound sorry... what kind of kinky karma do you have to get such a word?

    littlemonkey (we going with lm? monkey??),
    don't think i didn't think of that - and keep it to myself - thanks. He actually told me i may not check the bag - now i just hope i leave b4 he reads this.

  7. TSA did run it back and forth many times and asked what wa that in my shoe. Didn't make me open it tho.