Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A leap

This is difficult for me to do, but i believe i need to step back from blogging for awhile.

I write here for many of the same reasons others do: to clarify, vent, explain, communicate, learn, to try to understand.  I love people's comments and i read other people's thoughts to help me learn what's possible and to understand myself.

It has also been part of my role, to bring information to him, to do the research as it were.  I love research.  But there have been some predictable downsides to the arrangement.  He has made it work, but it has not been a completely comfortable part of my role.

A big part of the difficulty of this role has been keeping straight in my head what is something i read, something i liked, something i thought i might want... vs. what is what he wants, what is right for us.

And i think i've come to a point that i am not able to listen to him well enough, the point that i need to let go of my desire to guide my own understanding and be able to focus much more clearly on him.

I need to shift focus for awhile, and i don't know how it will work or what lies ahead. It is a leap for me.  This feels a bit  like walking away from friends though, and that makes me very grateful for the friends and the support i have found here.  Thank you.


  1. Do whatever you need to do, and please come back to update everyone when you can. You've got a lot on your plate for the Summer months anyway...

    Probably a good time to shift the focus...

    If you need to talk, you know how to find mouse!


  2. The thing about journeys is they take many, many steps and in time each one is required to move forward. Good luck on your path where ever it takes you.

  3. I will selfishly miss your wonderings--you have inspired me, made me think, brought a smile to my lips, and I often see questions like my own in your writing. And I shall miss it.

    But I do wish you the very best on your journey.

    And I hope that you find the focus you are seeking.

  4. We will miss you.
    But blogging is only valuable if it helps us find our way.
    When it's muddying the waters, it's time to step back.
    (But we'd reeeeelllly like it if you come back sometime, too!)

    Take care, chica.

  5. I'll miss you - but as the lovely others have said before me, you do what you have to do. Your marriage comes first. :)

  6. I understand this i had a 2 year break from blogging, its something i needed to do, i didnt plan for it to be so long but it was lol

    Hopefully see you back when your ready.

    take care


  7. I will miss your writing and wish you the best.

  8. I understand well your reasons. Sometimes when we are the "experts" on this subject it makes it harder to follow and interpret the Husbands leadership. Quieting the mind and tuning out the rest of the world, focusing on him is a good approach.

    But I do hope you will come back very soon and share how things are going. I love hearing about your journey and reading your perspective always makes me think.

    Please stay in touch!


  9. take care of you
    the blogging is always here if you need it

    and you may find that your blog just needs to evolve to meet your new needs

    big hugs on your journey


  10. GG: I think little breaks from blogging are inevitable really. Sometimes, just focusing on living day to day works best. As well, I think one of our goals is to give up worrying, cease expecting and interpreting and blogging can go against the grain of that. But, I'd like money on the fact that a rest may find you renewed and have you wanting to express yourself. Either way, I wish you happiness.

    Best wishes.

  11. Yeah, they already said it all - but the same goes for me. Everything they said. Particularly the "we'll miss you, take care, come back when it's right."



  12. Best of luck, gg...I'm going to miss your posts. You bring a lot of insight to the topics you write about, and I've learned a lot from you. All the best!

  13. Wishing you all the best greengirl.

    Dee x

  14. I wish you the best in your search. I do understand how difficult it can be, and how blogging can get in the way sometimes. I'll just echo what's already been said: remember that it's here if you need it.


  15. Thank you everyone - I very much appreciate the community here. I can't imagine not having your ideas to help me understand this whole thing, and to understand more about myself. And the support and encouragement mean the world to me. I'm not gone for good, but probably more scattered and sporadic for awhile.