Saturday, June 1, 2013


Well -ok - not in the true sense of the word....

Most of the time I can control myself.  For most everything i can maintain position, work through it, or at least limit my movements.

But when he holds my hair hard with one hand and the side of my head with the other, lays his body over mine to pin down my arms, throws his leg over mine to pin my legs, turns my head to the side...

Then sticks his tongue in my ear, and blows -

I scream, i panic, i buck and fight and elbow and kick.

It's a wrestling match i will never win

but -

It's the one thing i really just can't stand.

I can't work through it, or control myself, or lie still.

I hate it!


  1. Oh...I cringe and shudder for you.
    That is not nice at all!

    Though, as my husband was reading this over my shoulder, he did get a good chuckle. He seems to think that things like this are perfectly cool...
    I'm going to find the kids earphones now. And maybe a hat. Would glue be taking things a step to far do you think?

    1. I'm happy i could help provide ideas - and no - i kinda doubt defenses will help in the end. Or they will provoke other consequences - or maybe that's just here. Good luck though!

  2. The ear is such a weird organ - I have come from him whispering in my ear; I have reacted as you mentioned from the same thing; and I have literally felt nothing at times. Does it cycle with the moon? I don't know. It is a good organ sometimes, but definitely not a reliable one!

    1. OOh - i don't think i ever relax enough to come form that - nope - all fight. Hard to imagine the time it would have no impact too - although - at this point - i'm sure a good bit of it is mental for me. Kinda cool that you react so differently though.

  3. Bahaha! This made me laugh! Daddy has a sick sense of humor too! When I read this too him he started with his evil chuckle and grabbed the back of my hair. Thanks for the giggle :)


    1. bg,
      They are interesting, aren't they? I don't get the attraction for him - except that he knows how much i hate it.