Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I (we) learned a few things

We had the opportunity to learn a few things about ourselves this weekend (not very deep things, well - not that kind of deep anyhow):

I am not able to eroticize itchy - I now know this because I now know that I am allergic to a particular product that produced a very ill timed reaction.

There is one particular implement that he likes and I hate. No matter how much he takes it easy with it (he swears he does), it just never flows into a kind of pain I can work with. It (apparently) works quite well for him; it never seems to fail to produce just the right combination of very red, very heated ass and very attitude adjusted me. But when he has been working for a while towards a very specific, very pleasureable attitude, adjusting said attitude just before the big payoff is not necessarily the way to go.


  1. Oh, dear, she says, determinedly firming her twitching lips...

    (Not laughing at your pain, just recalling past debacles of my own!)

    Some implements are just evil. Gee, I hope there's no unfortunate accident in it's future...

  2. I feel your pain...



    Word Verification: docylle <--- yeah, right!

  3. I once had a mentor that said if you are not making mistakes you are not trying hard enough. Seems you are, itchy not good however only time will tell if the other is a mistake or not.

  4. Jz,
    Unfortunately - I am sure he would notice, replace and make more frequent use of - oh well.

    thanks - and i try (for docile) i just never seem to succeed

    Sir J,
    Sadly, for me, that sounds a lot like what he said too.