Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Jz - a glimpse into the vanilla side of me

Jz asked:

What movie do you pull out when you're brain-dead and just want something to make you smile?

I'm funny about movies - there are whole classes of movies i won't watch - they are too over whelming for me: i'm not good at watching human tragedy and especially not human cruelty. That's probably why i lean towards sci-fi and fantasy - not real, not necessarily even human.   Recently when i'm brain dead, i've found any of the X-Men or Thor distracting enough - cuz - you know - sci-fi, adventure, and Wolverine and Thor :)

If you could hire out one domestic chore, what would it be?

I'm completely spoiled.  At the risk of blowing whatever anyone's image of my husband may be, he grocery shops for me/for us.  I plan the meals each week and make a detailed list - but he will do the shopping.  I hate that one and he doesn't so much.  That changes a little in the summer - I like the farmers' market and my CSA.  Beyond that - i hate vacuuming - too noisy - not a big fan of noise.

Favorite thing to shop for?

This ones easy - plants.  I love plant exchanges.  Our local nature center has a homegrowns sale in the spring as a fundraiser.  And just generally i could spend days in plant stores, nurseries, even those huge garden centers.  I peruse catalogs through the winter.  Sadly - our yard here is tiny, though i'm slowly replacing the grass with gardens.

Wood, stone, or fabric?

I really have to choose?  I love texture, probably the way some people love color.  And i love natural, organic textures and objects and surfaces, and, and, and...  But, i'm also not a 'stuff' person.  Our house, my decorating isn't contemporary, it's about as traditional as it gets, but the 'stuff' is more minimal.  That said - i love textiles: rugs, linens, blankets, cloth...  We've been lucky enough to have traveled to some amazing places and that is what i seek out locally.

Thanks JZ.  


  1. Such a cool post, greengirl!

    I have a strong dislike of stuff, so my decorating style tends to run to the minimalist contemporary look. I always have a hard time trying to incorporate textures (and I have a fondness for linens and cloths)...without crossing the threshold it all being too much stuff.
    I wish I found more enjoyment from plant-shopping but fortunately that's his area..if it weren't I probably wouldn't have a single plant.

    1. bleuame - thanks, i am starting to wonder if there will be a plant season this year....i like outdoor ones better than indoor.

  2. Well, Thor, yeah... :-)

    I'm the same way about vacuuming - and for much of same reason. I don't mind grocerying, tho'.
    I'd farm out the cleaning, if I could. (that wishes/fishes thing...)

    We'll just say you chose by answering "textiles", how's that?

    Fun answers, thank you! :-)

    1. thanks for the excellent questions ma'am, and 'textiles it is'. Have you ever known me to give a one word answer when i could use 50?