Friday, November 25, 2011


We went to a Paul Simon concert with friends recently (yes - we're that old).  It was a terrific show.

But the opening act caught our attention also.  The band was technically "progressive bluegrass" - think soundtrack to Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?  Think guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, and banjo.

They were great.  Intricate, complex, and fast.  Really fast.

At one point my husband turned to me and remarked about how incredibly quickly they all moved their fingers; they were flying.

"Think what I could do if I could move my fingers that fast....."


  1. it is not everybody who can use diadokokinesia in a sentence let alone carry it off as a blog title.

    Your brain must fire neurons as rapidly as the finger muscles alternated.

  2. Okay, I admit it, I had to google that one lol.

  3. What?! You aren't going to tell us the name of this opening act band so we can experience them for ourselves?

  4. This did make me giggle....and the same time! LOL

    Oh how I wonder.....

    DY x

  5. Okay, I must be that old, too. Love Paul Simon! I had a chance to see S&G together in New York back in the 90's, and that's one of my favorite concerts ever.

    What was the name of the opening act?

  6. I really hate to ask, and I'm hoping I'm not the only one wondering, but what on earth is "diadokokinesia."

    I used to play the flute when I was in high school and I had a button that said "Flute players have fast fingers." I had forgotten all about that. :)

  7. Add my vote to a request for the name of the band, please.

  8. Sara,
    Yup, yup...

    It's not really the mind that was the topic for this one, although it was fun to ponder the possibilities.

    Sir J,
    thank you - i think - and not to quibble - but the neurons need to fire just as quickly as the muscles - that's what makes them move.

    sadly - it's part of my normal vocabulary - i'm a dork

    MC, Sir,
    The band was called Punch Brothers.

    yup - me too - i'll never really know tho.

    They are called Punch Brothers.
    S& G together would have been great too.

    Ah - you would have had it too then - its moving your fingers, hands, toes, feet - whatever - back and forth very, very quickly.

    We are geeky - we listen to NPR and Prairie Home Companion. The opening band was called Punch Brothers and they've been on both before. I hadn't heard of them outside of that. But they were good.

  9. Ah, I wondered if it was them. They're quite good - and creative, too! (Though I haven't seen them live, alas.)

    What a great bonus on top of Paul Simon!