Saturday, November 19, 2011

i'm a sucker

Not so much in the gullible, P T Barnum way, but in that i like to ...., well you get the idea.

But i am also a sucker for good writing and thought provoking ideas.  If the two come packaged together - well, that's bliss.

Like most of us - I sometimes have some time for blogging, but often it is constrained by all the other aspects of life. I read very quickly, but i write painfully slowly.  This means that i am usually able to indulge myself in reading and keeping up with a number of blogs, but i can't comment or communicate with others as much as i would like, at all.  Yes - i even write emails, comments, short little silly stuff - very, very haltingly.

I follow a good number of blogs and enjoy and appreciate all of them for the ideas and ways of looking at things they bring me.  Also for the different writing styles and personalities.

You can probably see where this is heading.  Aisha nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award - and i am honored (did i mention writing is not a strength of mine) and I thank her.  I am not going to list 15 blogs to nominate: most of the ones i read, and that's pretty many, have already been nominated;  i appreciate so many different aspects of people's blogs - the thoughts, the writing, the entertainment, the emotion...; and i'm going to wuss out on trying to pick some over others.

I can list 7 things about myself though - i love getting these glimpses of other people, they add so much color to the image i have of someone in my head.
1) I am also (like Aisha) quite short - only 5'1", - with T & A, and very muscular legs - not sure what kind of mental image that conjures up - but it's me
2) i chose the name greengirl because my favorite color is green, i have green eyes, i am a tree hugger from way back, and when i started this blog, i was most often envious of the relationships i read about and i was very new and inexperienced
3) I'm a very good cook and i can grow just about anything - but i can't sew or craft or any other domestic goddess type things
4) i don't love the ocean, or beaches, just not my thing - but my husband does so i'm trying
5) I love textiles - when i get to go to a new museum or a new place - i seek out cloth, linens, rugs, tapestries, any kind of textile - ironic given that i can't sew - but it is what it is
6) I have long and fairly thick hair which i haven't permed or dyed or even blown dry in many years.  It's very healthy, but yes - it's getting some gray and i am completely undecided about what to do about that.  This is a topic my husband refuses to give an opinion on.
7) i love my job - that's unusual, even rare, and i am very very thankful to be able to say that

and as a bonus - i can't type to save my life - anyone who has ever im'd with me knows this - i suck at it - slows the writing down even further.

And now i've used all my time for today.


  1. Thanks!

    That's why i didn't email people - I didn't want them to feel obligated in ANY way to play along, so I'm just glad you did!



  2. It was nice learning more about you :). I sometimes get a mental picture if what I think someone looks like (turns out its usually wrong!).

    Congrats in your VBA! I read your blog, enjoy it but don't always comment.

    Take care. Sky

  3. I would say that saying you suck at typing in IM is a vast understatement. However it is not the quality of your typing that makes you fascinating it is the quality of your soul. You deserved to be nominated.

  4. We should sit down and compare cloth collections sometime. I can sew, rather well even, but I HATE to!! (that needs more exclamation marks - !!!!!!)

    Yet I still succumb to this genetic imperative to amass drawerfuls of fabric for things I could whip together...

    DNA. It's a dangerous thing...

  5. If writing is not one of your strengths, your strengths are quite impressive. Because your writing is lovely.
    And just in case I forgot to mention it-- Your blog is one of my all-time favorites.

  6. I agree with lil, and with Sir J.

    It always thrills me when I am actually taller than someone. At 5'2" that doesn't happen a lot. Green eyes are so beautiful!

  7. That was really fun to read your 7'things'! I suck at typing too, but I'm pretty fast! ;)


  8. Aisha,
    thank you. It was very kind of you.

    I do the same thing. Thank you - you too.

    Sir J,
    That is a very big compliment - thank you.

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

    wow - that's very high praise since you write so very well. Thank you

    Thanks. Yea - it never really happens to me. Enjoy!

    Thank you, i appreciate it.