Sunday, November 13, 2011

what do you call it?

there's horny, randy, needy, wanting, etc...... to describe that feeling of wanting sex, of emptiness, of wanting to be (from my perspective) entered, opened, stimulated and brought to release - there's a specific sensation that is both subtle and overpowering

but what do you call the added/different/over and above sensation of wanting to feel him more - more controlling, more imposing, more there - not that he's absent or there is something wrong, not sorrow or despair or loss - but the overwhelming craving for more - more demands, more roughness, more tightening down, more restriction, more sternness, more claiming, more, more, more  .................

just like libido for me - this neediness comes in waves, always there at some level, but at times in huge swells that sweep me away and drown out most of my other thinking

is there a name for that?


  1. You summed it up pretty good I think. Though if you do find that one magical word...I would love to hear it.

  2. No idea what one word for that feeling / craving might be.
    It certainly is an overwhelming feeling when it washes over you!

  3. I live with that feeling...perhaps if i had a name for it it would be easier to take.

    My word verification is "zeduwfur" maybe that's it?

  4. I don't think there really can be just one simple word to represent such a complex and deep feeling. It's too intense, too full of so many different aspects, to cram it all into one word might just diminish the depth of such a feeling, don't you think?


    (and I almost posted this as is, but then I thought it's also a simple feeling... simple and complex, and doesn't that make it even more complex and unable to put into one little word?)

  5. If you come up with a word I need it. Maybe it is just that english is lacking but I know I wish I had a word or sentance that would be able to tell my husband when I feel that way and have him actually get it :)

  6. I absolutely know the 'condition' you speak of but I haven't got a scooby doo what it's called! lol

    Perhaos little monkey is right and it's called 'zeduwfur'.

    What ever it's name is, if it even has one, I sure like the feeling when it creeps up on me!

    DY x

  7. "impossible"

    (just one woman's perspective...)

  8. I don't know what to call it either, but when you find the word put my name in that column as well.

  9. For me the word would probably be "unanchored". You describe that feeling so beautifully.

  10. You do describe it so well.

    Laughing... greed? Being insatiable?

    Longing to give?

    Hell, I don't know. I know the feeling, but not the name for it.


  11. I'm with little monkey. I think "zeduwfur" would work.:) Since you described it so perfectly maybe you should come up with a name.

  12. lil,
    i have a feeling there is no one magical word - although i could get on board with zeduwfur... as in "I'm so zeduwfur right now that my husband better take over soon or approach with caution when he does..."

    it is - sooo overwhelming - yes

    i think everyone is agreed with you

    You're right of course - it is terribly complex, and probably if there could be a word, there would be already.

    it has taken me a long time to even give him a hint of what i feel, probably a sentence is too little - much less a word

    I dunno - i'm not sure i like the feeling - i like hoping it will be met, i love when it is met - but it turns on a dime into something ugly if not met.

    Sir J,
    for whom?

    one we all share at some point i think - there is that delicate balance between the good part of being kept wanting - and the danger of the ugly parts.

    Sublimewifey - i will let you know - maybe "zeduwfur"

    I agree - that is the underpinning and the result - absolutely

    All of those - yes!

    Let's work that into conversation - we can see if we can get it to stick.

  13. Have you heard of the book "Conquer Me"? Well, the title is the author's attempt to come up with a phrase to describe exactly what you're trying to describe. She says that it's the feeling of wanting to be dominated, of needing to feel your partner's power, and describes it as sort of like feeling horny, hungry and thirsty all at once, which I think is sorta accurate.

    She says that she will sometimes turn to her partner and tell him she's having a conquer me moment. :)

  14. Becky,
    I've not seen that book - but i will certainly look for it. Thank you. It does sound like a term that fits perfectly. Probably easier to spell than "zeduwfur."

  15. for whom? why me of course...was that a trick question?

  16. Becky,
    I have no idea if you will see this or not - but thank you for the book recommendation. It has been a big help.