Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been learning - learning and working to let go.  And letting go has allowed me to fly - to soar.  

But not on my own - i'm tied and tethered - to him.  He lets the string out or pulls it in.  The string keeps me near, but also keeps me up.  

A kite off on it's own, without the tension of the string, just careens out of control, it may fly higher, but it flies wild and eventually is driven to the ground or into a  tree.

So he holds the string and i float gently, or tug and pull and strain, or just keep heading up and up and up.  

But the string slipped between his fingers, or snapped, or maybe just ran out altogether.

A kite - you just fetch it out of the tree, tape it up, re-tie the string and toss it back up into the wind. 

He fetched me back, but the taping may take a little time. 


  1. I love the anology. Very well put. Sometimes the string does slip out of grasp. You have to heal the wounds, and get back in the air. Let him show you he really does have a hold of the string.


  2. The truth is we on the D side of D/s do not have a perfect grip. We wish for ourselves and for you on the s side that we did. On our best days there is the illusion of it but, sadly, it can not be maintained indefinitely.

    I think, no I believe the mark of a good dominate, a good person really, is not found in being perfect. Rather it is found in how they deal with retrieving the kite, in the careful fixing, taping and restringing and in the joy found when flies again.

    Knowing that your grip is strong and firm once more. Controlling so the kite can soar and knowing that each new gust may take it away and you will do it all over again.

  3. A beautiful moving post, and interesting comments. I'm glad you're getting patched up.

  4. ... this is exactly why kites are magic dear gg... and so is D/s... somehow, it pulls our strings, doesn't it?


  5. Hate that you need tape but love the piece.

    I hate shitty phases - but we usually come out of them stronger and wiser.
    Hang in there.

  6. Wow, that's hard...and yet, no one is perfect all the time, not even the kite master. Great analogy!


  7. Im glad He caught hold of your string again.

    Beautiful analogy.

    Tske care. Sky

  8. The kite analogy is a good one, and boy is Sir J right in his comment when he says we Dominants don't always fly the kite exactly right. It's difficult sometimes to judge the wind, to see the up-currents or downdrafts in the air, and to know when to tug on the string and when to give more slack.

    Hope the crash landing wasn't too bad, and that you're up soaring again shortly.

  9. Dannah,
    Thank you - things flow when i'm emotional.

    DV and Sir J,
    Thank you Sirs, we are working on repairing. And testing the wind.

    thank you - i am glad also.

    it does pull our strings, i want to believe in the magic....

    thank you - you're right - i think there are some things we can only learn the hard way

    Thank you - we both keep learning.

    thank you - me too

    Thanks - we're getting there.

  10. This was a really lovely post and it made me think some, really it did. I appreciate that.

    Thank you.

    DY x

  11. DY,
    Thank you - it has sent me inside my head a lot too.