Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i probably won't, no

The other morning he came up behind me and hugged me and as he did, he started talking about the previous night - reminiscing, remembering, reminding me, teasing...

Then he asked me my thoughts - what had what kind of effect, what did i think about this and that, and what about the other?

"Honey, sweetie, dear - i was kinda fuzzy for this and that, and by the time you got to the other, i was flying, so i really only have a vague notion"

(Stern voice/evil glint in his eye) "Well - I want you to pay much better attention next time!"

i imagine i probably won't though


  1. *grins* why, oh why, do They always want that kind of feedback? Isn't the point to put you in that headspace where you know nothing else?

    And then They want an analysis? As my youngest daughter would say...


  2. lol. At that point I'm so incapable of communication it's not even funny (no need to admit my communication is shoddy to begin with).
    It's a rotten trick, because no matter how much you try to pay attention, the fuzzles win!

  3. Ha ha! Been there too and it's futile...the fuziness always takes over.


  4. Half the fun of asking the question is to validate that our mission to fuzzle you was successful...

  5. O, i love that - the stern warning to pay better attention next time. And i imagine he knows full well you can't possibly - like Jake said, that's half the fun for them...

    And it makes me laugh, picturing you trying to pay more attention. Yep, impossible.


  6. pepper,
    i think the opportunity to torment me about it also was an added bonus.

    that's why i'm thinking it's better not to even try - that way i can't fail - or i'm doomed to fail, or something...

    exactly - of course - that's really a good thing

    O and Mouse (Can we use that abbreviation?) you too eh?

    I knew it, I just knew it!

    Thanks, he absolutely knows that. That's why i think i have some sort of back channel permission to really not try to pay attention. Guess i'll find out if i'm right or not about that.